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Park Hotel Dei Massimi, Roma Hotel di 4 Stelle Prima Categoria Roma

Hotel Rome Park dei Massimi - Italy

4 star Hotel Rome near Vatican - St.Peter's Dome and Metro Underground


 Park Hotel Dei Massimi , Largo Vincenzo Ambrosio 9 , 00136 Rome Italy - 4 star Hotel Rome

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At only 2.900 meters from the Vatican's Museums and 3.800metersSt. Peters Square. Situated in an elegant and prestigious area of Rome where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city. The Hotel is also very near to Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria Hotel Rome 900 m where many congresses are performed.

Olympic Stadium Rome 2,6 km is near to Rome Hotel Park dei Massimi where Roma and Lazio football matches are played. Flaminio Stadium Olympic (6 Nations Rugby Matches) and Foro Italico 3,4 km (Internazionali di Tennis) are very near to the hotel.

Other points of interest are: Villa Stuart 600 m, S. Filippo Neri Hospital 4 km, Gemelli Hospital 3 km, Sacro Cuore Cattolica Univerity 3 km, Loyola University 500 m, Villa Miani 1200 m, Monte Mario Park 600 m, Piazza di Siena 5,5 km.

Hotel near Vatican - Park Hotel dei MassimiDistances from bus-stop 200 meters, from FM-stop (is like metro and bring to Vatican City) 900 meters, from metro-stop 2,2 km, from Termini Station 9 Km., from Fiumicino Airport 30 Km, from Ciampino Airport 35 km.

Distance from Olympic Stadium 2600 m. Find here a map to get there!

You can find Massimi Park Hotel by GoogleEarth here !

Another Map on Google Map

Indications to get to the Hotel

Lat 41,925 Lon 12,441

Now ... How to get to Park Hotel dei Massimi !

How do I get there from the main railway station Termini?

You can either take the Metro Line A ( 1 € the ticket at every tobacconist or newspaper shop) to Cipro Musei Vaticani (8 metro stops, 15 minutes) and then a Taxi (or see below from Cipro station to Park Hotel dei Massimi) or Metro Line A to Valle Aurelia (just after getting out of the metro, go out of the metro station and you will find on the left the train station for FM3 trains) and then take the train FM3 to Cesano or Viterbo (the ticket is the same of the metro and it is enough to obliterate it one time) and get out at Balduina, only 2 train stops, 5 minutes walking ( see below from Balduina FM3 station to Park Hotel dei Massimi) or you can take a taxi directly from the Termini Station - cost will be approximately 25 euro - please see further for more detailed information on how to reach us.

How often do FM3 trains pass?

Around every 15 minutes!

How do I get there from the Cipro Musei Vaticani station?

You can go out from the station going up the stairs then following indications for Piazzale degli Eroi (right for 100 mt). In Piazzale degli Eroi there is a bus stop for buses number 907, 913, 990, 991, 999. All these are ok but 990 is better because you can go out (around 15 bus-stops) at Piazza Madonna del Cenacolo (100 mt from the hotel) that is the nearest (walk less). Now go up for Via della Balduina then the first on the right is Via Vincenzo Ambrosio, after becomes Largo Vincenzo Ambrosio and Park Hotel dei Massimi. Please click here for the map.

Otherwise please use this for less bus stops but more walk!

How do I get here from the FM3 Balduina station?

You can go out from the FM3 Balduina station, take on the left walking for Via Damiano Chiesa then on the left for Via Ugo De Carolis, it becames Via Balduina then take to the right for Via Vincenzo Ambrosio, it becames Largo Vincenzo Ambrosio, then Park Hotel dei Massimi (10 minutes walking). Please click here for further details.

How do I get to the Rome Park Hotel dei Massimi from Fiumicino Airport also known as Leonardo da Vinci International Airport?

Most guests come to our Hotel by train so :

- inside the airport follow direction for the train station
- once at the train station look for the platform for the regional train, not the Leonardo Express
- take the regional train and get off at Ostiense Station, here take the regional train FM3 (every 15 minutes) , direction Cesano or Viterbo and get off at Balduina Station (6 train stops, 18 minutes)
- the hotel is located 10 minutes walk from Balduina Station, see above "How do I get here from the FM3 Balduina station?", or see the map here how to get to Park Hotel dei Massimi
- regional train from Airport to Ostiense Station costs 5,50 € per person
- regional train (FM3) from Ostiense to Balduina costs 1 € per person, this ticket is valid on busses and metros too, you can buy at the tobacconists or newspaper shops.
The journey takes approx. 1 hour

Please check this link for more information and a little area map

A taxi from Fiumicino Airport to the Hotel will cost approximately 55 Euro

How do I get to Rome Park Hotel dei Massimi from Ciampino International Airport?

Ryanair, Flyglobespan and Easyjet all arrive at Rome Ciampino Airport which is Rome's second airport. Ciampino is slightly closer to Rome than Fiumicino but slightly more difficult to travel from. Ryanair and Easyjet provide a courtesy bus. Alternatively, take the bus (Cotral) i.e. a blue bus from directly in front of the airport. This bus will take you to Anagnina Metro Stop which is the last stop on Line A. The bus ticket costs 1 euro and the journey time is about 20 minutes with the first departure at 06:50 and the last at 11:40 pm, NB you should buy it at the Tobacconists Inside the Airport as you cannot buy them on board. Ok, now take the Metro and get off at Cipro-Musei Vaticani, the journey time in Metro from Anagnina to Cipro-Musei Vaticani is about 30 minutes - the Park Hotel dei Massimi is only a 10 minute taxi journey from the Metro Stop or see above indications from Cipro-Musei Vaticani to Park Hotel dei Massimi. Alternatively take bus Schiaffini (or other similar) at the exit gate of the airport, bus Schiaffini can take you to Termini station in one hour for 8 euro then see above indications from Termini station to Park Hotel dei Massimi. NB a taxi from Ciampino airport to the hotel will cost approximately 55 Euro.

Driving to the Hotel?

First of all please take for Grande Raccordo Anulare (the big ring all around Rome). Also from Fiumicino or Ciampino airport take for Grande Raccordo Anulare. Once on Grande Raccordo Anulare please take the Via Aurelia exit. Proceed down Via Aurelia and go straight on - then take Via Gregorio VII on the right and immediately make an U inversion on Via Gregorio VII. It will become Via della Pineta Sacchetti, go straight ahead and you will reach Via Montiglio on the right, take Via Montiglio then turn on the right again for Via di Valle Aurelia. Proceed for Via di Valle Aurelia , then at the traffic lights take on the left for Via U. De Carolis, it will become Via Balduina. Then go straight ahead , after Piazza Madonna del Cenacolo take on the right Via Vincenzo Ambrosio - go straight ahead and you will get to the Park Hotel dei Massimi. See here for a map! Alternatively from the Grande Raccordo Anulare you can take the Trionfale exit. Proceed down Via Trionfale for around 5,8 Km. and then take on the right on Via Durante (please be aware, it is a little hill to the right) then continue onto via della balduina then take the left on via ambrosio. See here for a map!

To get to the hotel by car from Ciampino airport click here
To get to the hotel by car from Fiumicino Airport click here

Please take a look here for further information, you will find the Rome metro map ! Park Hotel dei Massimi is near metro stop 'Balduina' in the upper left part of the map.


If you are looking for a hotel in Rome near the Vatican City and Vatican Museums then the 4 star first class Rome Hotel Park dei Massimi is the ideal choice hotel for you. Located near from the most important religious establishment in the Western world the Vatican City and Holy See is still one of the biggest reasons people come to Rome. This year there will be a number of important beatifications and hundreds and thousands of pilgrims and travellers motivated by religious reasons will come to Rome. Massimi Park Hotel Rome is the perfect hotel for anybody in search of conveniently located accommodation near the Vatican City and Museums.

The church of St Peter's is also located near the Rome Hotel Park dei Massimi and you should ask the concierge for directions on how to reach this and other nearby attractions like the Vatican Museums and Metro Stop Cipro Musei Vaticani.

Hotel Rome Park dei Massimi an hotel Rome near Vatican Museums , St. Peters Dome, Vatican City and Olympic Stadium Rome Italy




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Hotel near Vatican City and Holy See
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